Hear from Head Teacher, Tamara Dale, Ridgeway Infant School!

Tamara talks about why she implemented YogaBugs Virtual into her school and the huge benefits she has seen from helping her children feel calm to the children’s listening & concentration skills improving!

We are really enjoying using the programme in school and the children love it.

Lillie Noel, PE Lead, Whitegate Primary School

We are enjoying having the website as an additional learning tool to support our wellbeing and mindfulness programme.

Hazel Johnson, Headteacher, Penruddock Primary School

I have been using the EYFS video’s for my reception class which they love. They have been great for increasing their listening and attention skills as well as their coordination and physical control!

Amy Baker, PE Lead, Weatheralls Primary School

We love YogaBugs! With staff and children’s mental health under strain, its great to know we are delivering high quality sessions to improve their wellbeing.

Rachael Cotton, Headteacher, Fleetwood Lane School

I am very happy with the programme so far. After 2 sessions the children have become enthusiastic and engaged, determined to develop their expertise. It is already much more noticeable the increase in confidence.

Mark Eggleton, PE Lead, Fleetwood Lane School, Lincolnshire

YogaBugs allows our children to engage in physical activity, whilst focussing on their mental health and wellbeing.

Sonya Black, Deputy Headteacher, Throston Primary School, Hartlepool

Staff have been particularly impressed with how the sessions develop a sense of calm and relaxation at the end, which then in turn has a positive impact on children’s ability to focus on their learning.

Kim Hartford, Deputy Headteacher, Ridgeway Infant School

The children love YogaBugs virtual and follow the process really well with it being a teacher on the screen. Concentration has improved in the classroom, which in turn has improved the children’s behaviour.

Amy Baxter, Assistant Headteacher, Carlton Digby Special School

Our teachers have seen greater flexibility in our pupils, and their ability to sit and listen, along with concentration in the classroom has greatly improved. The digital platform is really easy to use and user friendly.

Helen Goulder, Headteacher, Croughton All Saint Primary School