Frequently Asked Questions

How can I fit this into my timetable?

All sessions are pre-recorded meaning you can access them at the click of a button. With a range of sessions to choose from you can either have a full yoga class as part of P.E or PSHE enhanced curriculum learning, or utilise the short classroom based sessions as part of mindful moments.

You can also run a breakfast/Lunch or after school club with these sessions, all you need is a teacher in the room to press play and watch the children.

How long can I have the trial for?

You can access the free trial for a full week. We want you to utilise the free trial as much as possible so you can see how it will benefit your school and your children.

What age children is YogaBugs virtual for?

YogaBugs virtual is aimed at children from nursery to year 6.

Is YogaBugs virtual suitable for children with SEN?

Yes, YogaBugs virtual is all inclusive and non-competitive programme. Although it is not a specific SEN programme; children of all abilities can take part.

How does it work?

You sign up for a one year licence and your school is given access via a school portal, where you can view every session 24/7. All classes are separated by age, so you can easily choose the class you would like to partake in and click play – it’s really that simple.

How does the cost compare to having a teacher in school?

YogaBugs virtual will support EVERY child in your school, as well as the staff, for what it would cost to have a teacher for one hour a week, for one year group, for 30 weeks.

YogaBugs virtual enables all children to participate in yoga and mindfulness for the whole school year.

How do you help adults mental health and wellbeing?

All staff will have access to the portal where they can view and take part in health and well-being workshops, adult yoga videos, chair yoga, relaxation sessions and lots of visualisations.

How do you help the whole family?

The parents/carers of all children will be given access to some YogaBugs sessions as well as family mindfulness sessions and resources to support their physical and mental well-being.

How do you bridge the gap between home and school?

Parents will have their own portal to be accessed from home, with sessions they can take part in with their children, as well as adult sessions.

How quickly can I access the programme once I have chosen to purchase?

Once you have purchased, we will ask you to sign a contract. Upon receiving your signed contract, you can have access the same day and send an invoice to be paid within 2 weeks.